Historical Sites & Landmarks in Potomac You Must See

Potomac is home to many historical landmarks and sites that any visitor must see. In this article, we discuss 3 of the best rated historical landmarks and activities!

Great Falls Canal Boat Ride

The Great Falls Canal Boat Ride is a popular activity here in Potomac. It is a relaxing and beautiful experience that any visitor should take part in. Enjoy an hour floating down the canal pulled by mules and learn about how life was like during the 1870s when people worked and lived on the canal.

Initial construction of the 184.5-mile C&O Canal began in 1828 and for almost a century it was a popular means of transportation. Go back in time on this historical ride down the Potomac River Valley!

Before or after your boat ride, you can enjoy the Great Falls Tavern Visitor Center. There are also picnic areas as well as a towpath that’s perfect for a nice walk. You can also walk about 15 minutes to Great Falls and take in the beauty of the Potomac River!

Lockhouse 22 – C&O Canal Trust

Lockhouse 22 of Pennyfield reflects the styles of structures from the mid-1830s to the early 1940s period when the canal was under construction.  You and your family or friends can escape the busy city life of D.C. for a few nights in Lock 22 “Pennyfield” and take in the peaceful surroundings and sound of the rushing water.

During your stay, reflect on the lives of those who worked along the C&O Canal as the Civil War was raging on. You can also hike along the paths created by men and women who labored during an exciting era of American history.

Lockhouse 21 – C&O Canal Trust

Lockhouse 21 is named after the Swains family who resided there for more than 100 years. Established in the summer of 2019, it’s the newest lockhouse of the Canal Quarters Program and offers a more modern style while still providing a special historical experience. It reflects the early 20th century when the canal was becoming more of a recreational area.

Inside, you’ll find artifacts that take you back to Woodrow Wilson’s presidency, the pre-WWI era, and the Civil Rights Movement. You can also sign in on the guest book, watch videos about canal life, and walk back in time and explore the authentic furnished rooms of a lockhouse – there is truly much historical significance at this Potomac landmark!

Visit Potomac, MD!

Whether you’re visiting or are a local, Potomac has much to offer in terms of historical landmarks and attractions the whole family can appreciate. Why not make one of these landmarks your next weekend activity? Immerse yourself in American history in beautiful Potomac!

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