Why Potomac, Maryland is a Great Place to Live

Welcome to Potomac, MD! In this article, we discuss why we love our hometown so much and why Potomac is considered one of the best places to live in Maryland.

The People

Let’s start with the people. Potomac has a diverse population of all ages and backgrounds. The majority of the residents are over 45 years of age with about 23 percent of the population being 65 years and older. However, the median age of residents is 42.3 years old, which means that there’s a large number of young parents who are raising their families here, making this peaceful town a fantastic place for families with young children and teens!

You’ll find many successful professionals here as well; Potomac has a very high median household income of over $187,000 as of 2017. The residents are mostly homeowners with 81 percent living in single family homes and condos. They commute to Washington D.C., Annapolis, Maryland, or Northern Virginia for work.

According to the census, Potomac’s population was approximately 46,000 in 2019. The large number of children make it easy to find families that you can befriend while living here. Potomac residents are friendly and welcoming, so if you’re new to town, be sure to introduce yourself and say hello!

The Activities

Many locals enjoy the great outdoors in Potomac, making this town the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. There are several parks, including the Heritage Farm Neighborhood Park, that have hiking trails, playgrounds for children and sports courts. You can also play tennis or golf at one of the area’s country clubs! And we cannot forget the historical sites around town!

The Food

Whether you want to grab a quick lunch in town or have a fancy dinner with friends, “dining out” is a popular activity for locals of all ages here! Mornings are great for grabbing coffee and pastries at one of the area’s bakeries or enjoying breakfast at one of the many local restaurants. In the evening, you can enjoy freshly prepared sushi at Yoshi (https://www.kusshisushi.com/) or mingle with locals over martinis and small plates at Lock 72 Kitchen & Bar by Robert Wiedmaier in the Potomac Village Shopping Center!

The Safety Rating

Last but certainly not least, safety Safety is a big factor in the overall quality of living, one of the reasons Potomac is a wonderful place! The data shows that in 2013, there were .766 violent crimes reported per 1,000 people. In addition, when compared to other areas with similar populations (150,001-300,000), this places Potomac at the bottom of the list for criminal activity (Potomac is considered a safe town with a crime index of 83 (with 100 being the safest). According to NeighborhoodScout, an individual has a one in 5272 chance of being a victim of violent crime in Potomac, making it one of the safest communities in the nation for its size.

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