Mellomar Golf Park Can Be The Best Golf Course For Huntingtown Terrace MD

Mellowmar started out in Calvert County, near Lower Marlboro in 1994 as just a driving range and an honor box. In the spring of 1999, it was so popular, they needed space. So they plowed down a cornfield for more golf range. Finally, in 2002, they cleared the rest of the cornfield and devoted it all to golfing. It is now a Driving range, a Regulation 9 and a Par 3 smaller course. 

The Par 3 is terrific to introduce kids to the game and to practice your short-range putting. The Regulation 9 takes about 2 hours to complete. If you want 18 holes, you can ask about doing the Regulation 9 twice! The Driving Range has 10 mats set up for use and open end for those wishing to hit off the grass. Mats come with tees that can be used or removed.

Mellowmar is an affordable and an awesome way to spend time with the family. Share the game of golf in the beautiful course in Owings, MD. The folks are friendly and will be happy to help you out if you have any questions!

6215 Scaggs Road Owings, MD 20736


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